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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Phoenix Suns GM Steve Kerr pays a visit to Brent Barry

Brent Barry, who was surprised at the San Antonio Spurs move to trade him to Seattle for Kurt Thomas may soon become a Phoenix Sun. The Sonics acquired him with the plan to release him last Friday. Barry will clear waivers today and can sign with any team but San Antonio, which must wait 30 days after the trade to do so. Barry, 36, has told his suitors - Phoenix, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas and Boston - that he will commit to a team today but has not yet done so. Phoenix GM Steve Kerr has let Barry know how much the Suns organization wants him. Kerr even personally paid a visit to Barry's home to convince him to sign with the Suns. Phoenix could use another three-point threat like Barry who would automatically open up their spacing on the floor.