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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Become a better free throw shooter

Your team is down by one in a crucial basketball game and you get fouled with two seconds left in the game. You can end it by making the two free throws so hopefully you can shoot them like Reggie Miller because if you can't and shoot them like Shaq O'neal then chances are you'll probably only tie the game or even worse make your team lose the game by missing both.

This is why shooting free throws is such an important part of your game and many just don't practice enough. Lots of times the win-loss result of a game is because of free throws.

One thing that helps someone is repeating the same behavior pattern before you shoot. A regular task so to speak that will help your concentration and focus. A player might dribble the ball three times before he shoots a free throw and not doing so would completely throw his focus out of
wack. One might lift his hands in the air a few times before he shoots it. One might touch his cheek a few times. Look at mostly all the great free throw shooters and they all have a ritual before they shoot. It could even be a saying to yourself, even a prayer. Doing this will bring familiarity each time your at the charity strike and will really help alot.

Another thing to do is to visualize in your mind what you are going to do before you do it. When you see the basket going "Swish" through that net in your
mind there is more of a chance that it will happen.

Also trust in yourself, this kind of goes back to the visualization but you must have self confidence. If you look at a player like
Shaq O'Neal he has completely lost confidence and just knows that he will never be a 80% free throw shooter. He has worked with the best trainers and still can not shot free throws - Don't ever let that happen to you, there is always room for improvement. Don't delay and hesitate when you shoot, this will not help at all. Just do it! You just seen yourself swishing it so do it!

You might also want to pat yourself on the back after making y9our free throws. Feel good about it, go ahead, feel a little cocky. I remember once I shot 1000 free throws, not all in one day but I would keep a pencil and keep track. I ended up making 690 out of them and was very disappointed. I always thought I was a better free throw shooter than that. After capitalizing on what I've mentioned above I ended up making 880 the next time around. Shooting free throws became automatic and I just knew that I could not miss.

Confidence is a big thing with free throws. When I made the 690 lots of times I would miss one free throw, get down on myself and
visualized I would miss the next one, guess what, I missed the next one. Sometimes I would miss 5 in a row because of the lack of confidence, that it why I was a 69% shooter. At times I would hit 20 in a row and then miss 5 in a row. Do that and your only a 75% free throw shooter!

Just practice the principles mentioned above and before you know it you'll be a great 90% shooter. I know you can and so do you!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Alhassan Bangura facing deportation

19-year-old Alhassan 'Al' Bangura is getting lots of support in Britain. He is facing the possibility of getting deported to his native land of Sierra Leone where he fears his life would be at danger from a witchcraft cult.

He has made a nice life and has a promising career with Watford in his adopted land in London where he has been for the past four years. To make matters worse, he has a new born baby with his girlfriend.

But Bangura is living on borrowed time, facing being sent back to the west African country he fled when he was 15 because he feared his father's links to a voodoo sect made him next in line for the men with the machetes. Refugees from Sierra Leone, which is still recovering from a brutal civil war, are not automatically eligible for asylum in Britain so each case must be individually proved.

It is rare in a game when you see fans of the opposition rooting for another teams player but that was the case when Watford played Plymouth. Bangura was given massive applause from both teams fans and was touched with so much emotion in him, so grateful for the support that he could hardly say a word.

A petition has been sent around and thousands have signed it for him to stay in Britain. Even singing artist Elton John has support for Bangura and has personally written to the government.

Bangura says his late father was chief of a secret society, the Soko, which practices witchcraft. His family were told that he was expected to succeed his father and would be forced to undergo an initiation ceremony involving mutilation.

Bangura is not allowed to speak to the media right now due to the sensitive case in hand but before he had said that he feared what his fate would be if he was delivered back into the arms of the cult.

"They're not good things that they are doing; they cut off bits of their body," he said.

If he were forced to return home, "it would be like someone is just taking my life away."

That Bangura made it to Britain is a story in itself. From Sierra Leone he had found his way to Guinea and then was helped by a mysterious Frenchman he only knew by the name of Pierre, who helped him to London. When two men had tried to rape him he then realized that he had fallen victim to a people trafficker. He escaped and stood in a hotel while applying for asylum. He was then seen playing amateur soccer by a Watford talent scout and things only went good from there. Up until now of course.

His club, lawyers and politicians are working overtime to keep Bangura in Britain.

Claire Ward, a lawmaker for the ruling Labour party who represents Watford, arranged a meeting this week between Bangura's representatives and an immigration minister.

She believes he has a good chance of winning an appeal.

"There are a number of factors in his favour such as the age he came into the country and the constructive way he has used his time here -- he has been a role model and has taken part in youth projects and he has contributed to the British economy.

"He has a strong case."

Finding Proper Sports Instructions

Many people every year decide to try their hand at a new sport. However, it is not always as easy as dropping by the local park for a game of drop in football. What if a person wants to learn to play hockey? Or if someone has just moved into a new house near a golf course and wants to pick up some pointers on how to play, and get the most use out of their new location? Finding sports instruction can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. Knowing where to look is half the battle.

First, research is important before a single piece of sports equipment is purchased. “Is this sport right for me?” is a question that must be honestly answered. Will there be ample time and space to practice? If a person is interested in pick up games or even joining an amateur league, are those things available locally? If not, how dedicated is the person to driving a long distance to pursue the sports hobby? The best way to fail at any given sport is to fail to think it through before deciding to begin.

Next, go to the location where the sport will take place. If it is ice skating, drop by the local rink. If it is golf, head to the golf course and go to the clubhouse. Talk with the staff and find out if anyone offers lessons locally. Many times, sports facilities will offer group lessons for low cost for people to try their hand at a new sport. Being with others who are taking the same lessons can also be a great way to make new friends. However, if more intensive instruction is desired, private lessons can also be arranged. No matter which method is chosen, the benefits of sports instruction are greater skill and enjoyment at the game of choice.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Steroids and MLB

With all the steroid stuff going on with MLB it seems that most of the attention has been brought to San Francisco slugger Barry Bonds. I'm not going to talk about Bonds case in particular but more about the steroid use in baseball.

We all know that steroids make you stronger. We all should also know that steroids do not give you any skills though. For instance, if someone got all juiced up on steroids he would still need the skill of a baseball player to make contact with a 90 MPH fastball and the other abilities that a baseball player needs. For instance, I am not a baseball player and if I started taking steroids I would not be a better baseball player. No way, no chance, no hell. So what does it matter some say. Well at least that was the view of some callers in a local sports talk radio show.

Well, it does matter. You have to understand that these guys already have the skills of a baseball player. They have been playing since they were kids. Now, let's say a guy on steroids slams 60 or 70 home runs during the season, you have to understand that without the steroids many of the shots would have been caught at the warning track. That extra muscle from the drug carried those balls over the fence. The guy would have probably hit 35-40 home runs had he not been on steroids. Remember those days, when 40 home runs were good enough to lead the league in home runs? Back in the 80's if you smacked 20 home runs in a season you were considered a home run hitter!

Looking at the situation from a players prospective is easy too though if you think about it. If you are not on steroids and a younger player come up from the minors and he can take your job, there can be a lot of pressure to get on steroids. Especially if you are not performing too well, maybe in a slump and there he is on steroids hitting home runs left and right. You might do anything to save your job. Just a few thoughts on the subject here.

Improve your tennis game

If one has never played tennis before , they can not realize how tough it is to play. There is much stress and strain on your body and nerves. With out much practice it is almost impossible to master tennis, it would be a good idea to join a pricey tennis club, it could only make you better. Taking private tennis lessons can be very costly. Plus, it may feel like you spend most of your lessons retrieving tennis balls rather than hitting them. Despite these set backs, your tennis game can improve if you follow some tips.

One of the most important things to do is to make sure you have the right equipment. Is your tennis racquet 10 years old? Get a new one then. Is it wooden? If it is then get rid of it, your going to need a graphite racquete so that you can have more power and a bigger hitting area. Of course this will only help you to hit that winning shot! If you don't have a graphite racquet you can get one for $20 to $30, a small investment well worth it.

Start practicing by hitting against a board or tennis wall. You can find these unyielding "opponents" at public tennis courts. You can construct a hitting board at your home if you desire by placing a wooden board against a fence. The definite height and weight of the hitting board will force you to focus on accuracy. Try to hit 8-10 balls against the wall without missing. Once you have improved your consistency you are ready to face an opponent.

Your feet should never be planted into the ground during a tennis game. Make sure that your feet are always moving. It don't matter if you are running for a shot or if your about to slip step in response to your opponents shot. Remember, you need to cover the entire court and have to be ready to cover any part of that court in a split second. Beginning tennis players are often caught out of position and this leads to them hitting a weak shot back at their opponent. Always remember to Shuffle back to the center of the baseline between each shot.

The one-handed backhand is something that you will need to learn. You don't really need to but it will greatly benefit you. Sure, a two-handed backhand will generate more power but it is very limited. It takes longer to get into position using a two-handed backhand and it is far easier to get jammed up, too. A one-handed backhand is more versatile and you will be a better player by incorporating it into your game.

This is one tip here that many don't do to well with. Make sure you keep your emotions in tact. Frustration comes with all sports and a mad or angry player is never a better player, you can become more aggressive and hit the ball harder than you should,of course your hits will be too long. If you lose a game don't let it be because of your emotions.

Spin should become a major weapon in your game. Spin can derail your opponent because they have trouble figuring out where your ball is going. Spin can also make a ball that looks like it is going out, drop back in. Professionals generate immense amounts of topspin and backspin. Follow their lead to watch your tennis game soar.

Besides the enjoyment of playing tennis it is also a great cardiovascular workout on the body. Keep these tips in mind and may victory come to you!

How to Locate Items Related to Your Specific Sports Genre

Sports are a popular topic with many individuals. Whether one plays a particular sport or likes to watch the professional or college sport played on television, there are many individuals who like a particular genre of sports or sports type. For these people, finding stores which cater to a particular type of sport or genre of sport may be of the utmost importance to them. The following will provide some information on how to locate items relating to a specific genre of sports or sports type.

One way to locate sporting goods and items of a particular type is to use the Internet to find them. The Internet is a wonderful resource to consult if an individual needs to locate some sport equipment or sport apparel. The best way to use the Internet to one’s advantage in relation to this topic is to use a search engine and enter in whatever type of sport which one is looking for online. In addition, one should narrow down the search by providing the specific sport-related item, such as authentic baseball jersey. This will bring up a wide array of results for the individual to browse through until they locate what they are looking to acquire.

Another way to find a specific sport related item is to visit a local sporting goods store. Many of the large sporting goods chain stores will carry a wide array of sport items. By visiting a local store, the individual can browse through the merchandise to see if the store carries what they are looking for. If the goods are not for sale at the store, ask a clerk as the store might have the inventory in the warehouse and be able to order the specific item for the customer.

By keeping the previously mentioned tips in mind, one may find the exact genre of sports item which they are looking for in a quick and efficient manner.

How to Obtain an Inexpensive Sports DVD

It can arguably be said that sports enthusiasts love anything sport related. From jerseys to blankets, if the item has a sports team logo on it, the product is sure to be a highly favored one by the owner. One type of item that is quite popular with many sport lovers is a sports DVD. Whether it is football highlights or a compilation of World Series games, sports DVDs are favored amongst the masses. Individuals who appreciate this type of product will be happy to know that there are ways to obtain top-rated sports DVDs quite inexpensively.

One way to do so is to acquire the DVD right when it comes out in stores. Frequently stores which sell DVDs will offer great prices on new releases. This is a great way to purchase a recently released sports DVD for a wonderful price. Just be sure to buy the product as soon as possible as sales of this type do not last forever.

Another way to find an inexpensive sports DVD for the sports enthusiast in your life is to shop online for one. Quite often one will find that prices online will be much less expensive than some of the prices in different retail stores. Many online retailers offer web-only specials which will yield quite a good price for consumers who are interested in buying the sports DVD.

If one is willing to purchase a few sports DVDs they may be able to reap the benefits of a bulk discount. Sometimes chain retail stores will offer “Buy 2, Get 1 Free” specials on certain items and this may be true with sports DVDs as well. This is especially good for individuals who need to buy holiday gifts and can see spending money on more than one sports DVD as they will be buying gifts for different individuals. If one is lucky enough to locate this type of sale, it will be well worth their while to take advantage of it.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Detroit Red Wings are still rolling

I have never been a real big hockey fan, maybe being from Southern California had something to do with it. Not many people here are into hockey as much as baseball, football and basketball. But I remember as a kid looking at the NHL standings and rooting for the L.A. Kings to be in first place. Sometimes they were but most of the time not, most city's could probably say that about their home teams. There was always a team though that year after year seemed to be near the top and that was the Detroit Red Wings.

It still has not ended as I am now a grown adult, they are still one of the elite NHL teams.I mean, don't teams ever need to rebuild and have a couple bad seasons during the rebuilding process. Teams do get old you know. Wouldn't a salary cap slow you down. You can't be good forever when you are never near the top of the draft to pick up the top future players, right? Normally the answer would be - of course. The Detroit Red Wings never got the memo though!

They are on pace to win at least 50 games for the third straight season, Detroit looks to match the Montreal Canadians of 1974-82 as the only teams in NHL history to reach 100 points for eight straight seasons. And, lest we forget, the Wings own the longest current postseason streak in pro sports with 16 straight playoff appearances, including 15 in a row that have started on home ice.

Detroit is one of the all time great franchises in NHL history. They have 10 Stanley Cups under their belt, third most in NHL history. The Toronto Maple Leafs for second place on the list with 13. If your wondering who has the most, well let's just say that it will be sometime before they, or anyone else ever catches the Montreal Canadiens who have 24 championships.

New England Patriots become second team in NFL history to go 14-0

Well the New Enland Patriots did it. They became only the second NFL football team to ever go 14-0 as they beat the New York Jets 20-14. They may have used a different tactic this time by using a running game but a win is a win and they will go down in history.

Even with the chilly gusts above 20 mph flowing and the rain pouring down, Laurence Maroney's rushing was the key to this win instead of the passing of Tom Brady. With the win the Patriots clinched home field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs.

The Patriots held on to a 17-7 lead headed into the 4th quarter and the two teams just exchanged field goals in the 4th. Maroney ran for 104 yards, just the fourth time this season a New England rusher surpassed 100. The Jets entered the game having allowed the third most yards rushing this season. Brady didn't throw a touchdown pass for the first time this season and completed 14 of 27 passes for 140 yards and an interception. The Patriots remaining games are at home against Miami and at the New York Giants.

California Summer Camps

It can be really fun to grow up as a kid in California. It is one of the biggest state, and the opportunities for fun and adventure are tremendous. In my family, there was a tradition surrounding California summer camps. We are not one of these families that go to the same California summer camp year after year. I knew a lot of people like that, people whose uncles, aunts, grandfathers, and grandmothers had all gone to one particular camp with some fake sounding Indian name. That was not my family at all. Our tradition was finding a new camp every year, one which offered exciting new possibilities.

The first summer camp California I went to was a fairly traditional one. It was a San Francisco summer camp, targeted towards elementary school kids like me, and had all of the standard activities. There was arts and crafts, waterfront sports, volleyball, tennis, and hiking. The hiking was my favorite. California summer camps have some of the best hiking in the world because California has some of the best outdoors in the world. We would hike for miles and miles along twisting trails through the woods. I now know that I was always within a mile of my California summer camp, but back then I felt like I was lost in the wilderness. It was exciting and a little bit scary. I loved every moment of it.

Of course, later on I went to California summer camps that were almost the opposite of this. Once I went to a California summer technology camp that was really cool. We got to play with supercomputers. It was in the early 90s, and computers were not as sophisticated as they are now. We got to see high tech graphic stations, huge liquid cooled supercomputers, and even a cyclotron! Of all of the California summer camps that I went to, I think it was my favorite. It really got me thinking about a career in technology. Many of the California summer camps are funded by the high-tech industry, so this was exactly what they intended. If it weren't for this camp, I never would have discovered my lifelong passion for computers.

If you are thinking of sending your kid to California summer camps, do not settle on the first one you come across. There are so many different styles of camps out there that you should be able to find one that matches your child's interests. Going to the right summer camp can be a rich and rewarding experience for any kid.

Looking for Beach Resorts?

If you are looking for an all-inclusive vacation destination in the Caribbean then you must take a look at Beaches Resorts, one of the Caribbean’s best beach resorts with world class standards that feature fun, adventure, and luxury that families want most. The resorts feature a variety of water and land sports, which are both included and local adventure and sightseeing tours if you choose to venture off the resort. The all-inclusive option is very attractive because it includes all meals and snacks, unlimited premium drinks, fine dining, luxurious rooms and suites, scuba diving, water and land sports, airport transfers, exchange privileges, hurricane guarantee, hotel taxes, tips and gratuities, and even a basic wedding package if you so desire. What a beautiful setting for a romantic tropical wedding, complete with Caribbean wedding cake!

There are four Beaches Resorts to choose from when planning your vacation getaway, whether it’s just the two of you, or you plan to bring the whole family. Beaches Boscobel Resort has something for everyone, including a spacious pool, water sports, tennis and volleyball, and complementary golf at nearby Sandals Golf and Country Club. Beaches Negril Resort and Spa is located on twenty fragrant acres lush with tropical flora and the scent of jasmine. If you want the world class quality of Beaches Resorts at a great vacation value, then check out Beaches Sandy Bay Resort for an unforgettable family vacation. Finally, the Beaches Turks and Caicos Resort and Spa offers luxurious accommodations surrounded by the transparent turquoise waters of the Caribbean ocean with an infinite variety of tropical fish.

Weddings are very popular at all of the Beaches Resorts. If you’re interested, a basic wedding package is included with a minimum seven night stay, which includes a personal wedding consultant, picturesque wedding location, preparation of required documentation, certified copy of the marriage license, one 5x7 wedding photograph, “just married” t-shirts, Caribbean wedding cake, marriage officiant, champagne and hors d’oeuvres reception for bride, groom, and two guests, honeymoon dinner for bride and groom, continental breakfast in bed, and a bouquet and a boutonniere for the bride and groom. There are also optional wedding packages at Beaches Resorts featuring the Preston Bailey signature Weddingmoons Collections; the Floral Elegance Collection, the Water Lily Collection, the Seascape Collection, and the Crystal Collection for a beautiful wedding day with prices ranging from $1,700 to $5,000. Other optional wedding items and accessories are also available for an additional charge. Enjoy your Beaches Resorts wedding or vacation; it will be one of the most memorable ever, guaranteed!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Importance of Stretching

No matter what sporting event you ever go to, you will always see the athletics warming up before the event. Why? Well, first of all it is essential to optimal performance but most importantly for the safety of the athletic.

When ever you are going to work your body hard you will want to stretch your muscles and prepare them for the pain they are about to experience. Your flexibility is also increased. Many don't realize that besides stretching before performing, one should also stretch after performance while your muscles are still warmed up. Why? Because this can really benefit your flexibility.

For those not used of stretching much, it can be a challenging task. It's important to not try the toughest and hardest stretches at the beginning, just like anything else it's best to start and progress incrementally. While stretching it is best to hold your stretch at minimum twenty seconds, if you can hold it for even longer like around sixty seconds even better. This will increasingly develop your bodies flexibility. Do not bounce your stretches, if you do that you can force yourself into a forced position that can can create strain or damage in certain joints or muscles. All muscle groups in your body need to be warmed up. Your legs, arms, shoulders and even your neck. One important thing to remember when stretching is to know your limitations. Do not force yourself to do a stretch that you can barely do, this has no benefit to you, soon enough in time you will be able to do almost all stretches but this comes with time.

Please remember that exercises and workouts are terrific for the body and your heart. Many forget how healthy cardiovascular exercises such as running, jogging, biking or swimming are for the heart. If you get bored with your stretching routine don't be afraid to put on some music to keep you occupied and entertained during your workout. A good habit to get for yourself is to regularly do some stretching everyday. If you don't work out everyday at least you can get in your daily stretches.

Just always remember how foolish it is to play in a hockey game, football game, baseball game, soccer game or any other sport without stretching first. It is as foolish as going into a hockey game without putting on your helmet or standing at the baseball plate without a helmet on. you wouldn't do that would you? Of course not, because you know that it increases the chances that you can get hurt. The same goes with stretching, it greatly reduces your chance of getting hurt. Keep stretching and take care of your body and your heart.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Pat Riley wins his 1200th NBA game

Miami Heat coach Pat Riley became only the 3rd NBA coach to ever win 1200 games as his Miami Heat beat the Los Angeles Clippers on Sunday afternoon in Los Angeles at the Staples Center. He joins Don Nelson and Lenny Wilkins. If you want to measure how long they took to reach the milestone, Riley has done it quicker than Nelson or Wilkins. It took Pat Riley his 1842nd game to do it. That's 248 games quicker than Don Nelson who is next on the list. In 24 years of coaching Riley has 5 NBA titles under his belt, 4 with the Los Angeles Lakers and 1 with the Miami Heat.

"It's those kind of moments that you'll always remember, good and bad," said Riley, who began his career with the Lakers and also coached the New York Knicks. "The first 600 (533) were here in Los Angeles — a lot of great players, guys. You know all of them. Dwyane thinks I'm extinct, but that's OK. That's what he said to me in there."

Riley of course was talking about Miami Heat superstar Dwayne Wade. It kind of made it special that Riley reached his mark right in the city that it all started for him in the 80's as he took over as coach for one of the best teams ever to play basketball, the showtime Lakers led by Magic Johnson. He then went on to coach the New York Knicks until finding a place in Miami.

New England Patriots remain undefeated and beat Pissburgh Stellers to improve to 13-0

The New England Patriots remain undefeated as they stompered on the Pittsburgh Stellers this Sunday.

Steelers safety Anthony Smith who had guaranteed his team would win stuck his foot in his mouth.

"It was said, it was documented and it was printed," Randy Moss of the New England Patriots said. "We wanted it more."

Even New England coach Bill Belichick, who rarely criticizes opponents publicly, took a shot at the second-year pro: "We've played against a lot better safeties than him."

Pittsburgh coach Mike Tomlin discounted the impact of Smith's guarantee.

"The comments were irrelevant," he said. "It's how you play when the game begins."

Smith said they weren't reported accurately.

"If I had been quoted right, it wouldn't have come out the way it did," he said.

The Steelers would have clinched a playoff berth with a victory, but still lead the AFC North.

Smith's guarantee "definitely fired them up," Steelers quarterback Ben Roethslisberger said of the Patriots.

Just before the 2-minute warning at the end of the game, the fans began chanting "Guarantee!" to mock Smith, whose picture was shown on the scoreboard.

The Steelers were unlikely victims. They started the day allowing just 12.9 points per game with only one reception of more than 40 yards. The Patriots had two catches of over 50 Sunday.

With or with out guarantees my other teams the Patriots are looking to make history as they have become only the 5th team in history to post a 13-0 record. The others were the 1934 Chicago Bears, the 1972 Miami Dolphins, 1998 Denver Broncos and the 2005 Indianapolis Colts. Next week they will try to go 14-0, becoming the first team to accomplish that feat since the 1972 Dolphins who went on to win their three playoff games and had a perfect season.

Using Air Mattresses

I used to love camping when I was a child. I never minded sleeping in a sleeping bag for several days. As I've gotten older, I've discovered that my body just isn't made like it used to be. My idea of roughing it in the great outdoors consists of either renting a cabin somewhere or having an air mattress in a very large tent. I'd much rather sleep in a bed in a rented cabin, but an air mattress is second best. After carefully shopping for a comfortable air mattress, which I didn't think existed, we did manage to find one. The most wonderful part of it is that it comes with a tiny pump that inflates the air mattress within minutes. The air mattress sits about a foot off of the ground, so you don't get the dampness of the ground when you're sleeping. There's nothing worse than waking up and feeling damp and wet. I never used to mind it but apparently my body gets aches and pains when it is damp. The joys of getting older.

We found our comfortable air mattress at Eastern Mountain Sports. While they had lots of different types of air mattresses, we chose this one to suit our needs the best. The salespeople were incredibly helpful. There were many other stores in which we had found a particular air mattress that we liked but most of those stores did not have any sales reps on hand to help us. We ended up paying a tiny bit more for the air mattress but it was worthwhile because of having the personalized assistance. I was absolutely amazed that the air mattress that we chose came in such a small box. It didn't seem possible. But, the clerk handed us a rather small box which supposedly included the air mattress and the pump. I almost laughed but the look on his face told me that he was serious. How could a queen sized large air mattress fit into such a small box? It did though.
So, we headed off with my brother and his wife for a weekend of camping. After pitching our tent and clearing away all of the rocks, we set up our campsite for the weekend. About an hour before it started to get dark, I decided that we should inflate the air mattress. Much to our surprise and delight, the air mattress inflated fully within two minutes. The salesman was right. I climbed into bed that night, moving around a bit more than expected on the air mattress, but slept very comfortably. I only smiled the next morning when I heard others complaining about having slept poorly in their sleeping bags. miscellaneous

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

NBA Coaches to wear Microphones

On Wednesday it was announced by the NBA that coaches in ABC, TNT and ESPN will have to wear microphones during the game. They will also have to do in game timeout interviews. It has been noted that players will also be asked to wear a mic but then can decline. The NBA coaches have no choice in the matter. As you might have expected, NBA coaches are not thrilled with this whole idea.

Detroit Pistons coach Flip Saunders said he believes rules for other leagues are more liberal. In baseball, he said, managers have the option of wearing a microphone, and in the NFL, each coach must only do so once a season.

"I'm not a fan of it," Bulls coach Scott Skiles said. "I'm told to do it, so I do it. I think it's unnecessary. It's not going to hinder me from doing anything.

"I look at it from a player's perspective. You try to get guys to communicate with the coach, but now the coach is miked. I don't know that I'd be that comfortable being frank with the coach if I knew he was miked and it could be on TV. Quotes get taken out of context. And people make judgments on those quotes."

Skiles revealed the league's new microphone plans Thursday but asked not to be quoted, because he wasn't sure if the information was ready to be released by the league.

Jeff Van Gundy of the New York Knicks, another microphone-leery coach, got it basically right when he told reporters on Monday that "Everybody wants to do their part to get the ratings up, but how much is too much? People buy a product because of the product, not the packaging."

The NBA has told coaches that inappropriate remarks will not be aired and strategy not divulged. David Stern, the NBA commissioner who is now engaged in damage control, said that coaches could always turn off their microphones for a stretch if they were going to address a sensitive topic.

That is all fine and fair in theory, but most of the coaches comments will still be heard and filtered by someone who is not a member of their teams. If something sensational has to be edited out, whose to say it won't be passed on or whispered on later? If something tactical has to be edited out, whose to say that rival teams won't find a way to get some access to it?

With all that said. Why don't they just let basketball be basketball. Why do we want to hear what the coach or even at that, what the players are saying. Just let me watch the game!

Learning useful Soccer tricks to improve your Soccer game

Soccer is a sport that has fans throughout the world and is probably the most popular sport on earth. It don't matter what age you are to enjoy watching a good soccer game. Many people try to imitate what they see on television or at a live game when they play at home or at the park. This is not a bad idea as many soccer tricks can by learned by watching soccer videos and by practicing the professional player's tricks. Who knows, with enough practice you may be able to preform these tricks better than them one day.Soccer tricks are divided into two types in the world of soccer: stall tricks and air tricks. Air Soccer tricks involve hitting the ball with one part of the body and sending it into the air, while stall tricks involve keeping the ball moving on the body and not in the air. The thing they have in common is the fact that it takes a lot of hard work in order to be able to master them. Many Soccer fans really want to learn Soccer tricks not just to impress other people or players but to over all improve their whole game. Just like anything else,practising these tricks will require lots and lots of practice, patients and time. It would probably be best to start with the easier tricks and then move on to the more difficult ones after you feel that you have mastered the easier ones.Soccer videos is a great way to learn these Soccer tricks. These videos can help you understand the tricks better and improve your soccer game. These tricks are a necessary tool if you want to be able to dribble your opponents and they will certainly differentiate you from the other players. Nowadays there are a lot of Soccer videos who present several tricks and you can easily choose the ones you find most interesting. Soccer videos show us different techniques and intelligent players, enabling us to learn juggling and dribbling tricks. Soccer videos are really helpful if you want to improve your soccer game and master new techniques. It is said that juggling and dribbling techniques make it easier for you to control the ball and not to lose it when confronted with an opponent. In order to develop dribbling skills you need to learn a few things such as: use all the parts of your foot, touch the ball with each step you take, improve your weak foot and use your body to protect the ball. If you can do all this, you can say without any hesitation that you are a professional dribbler. If you are really eager to check out some soccer videos you may want to download them from some websites that have them available. These videos will really teach you how to take powerful and explosive shots and how to really use your feet when you are kicking the ball, though some don't realize it, the way you use your feet really does matter. If you want to be a professional soccer player, you should know from the very beginning that these videos are not enough. Besides them, you also need a coach that can train you properly and a lot of practice. Soccer tricks can be practiced both by children and adults, depending on the difficulty degree of the tricks.

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Adventurous Sports

Some might say I'm not very brave. I don't like heights, fast speeds or defying gravity. Keeping my feet on the ground is fine for me.. The only vaguely exciting activity I have ever done is skiing, which I loved. Adventure sports are just not for me but I wish I could get over my inhibitions and go for it.

If I was braver, the first thing I would want to do is skydiving. That must be an incredible feeling, up so high and free as a bird. Some people freefall down into caves and their parachutes open just as it's getting dark and you think they are doomed. Rock climbing also looks exhilarating, although I wouldn't want to climb those mountain peaks like K2. Mountain climbing in Force 10 winds and frostbite eating at your toes doesn't really appeal. I'm also far too claustrophobic for pot holing and the thought of cave diving fills me with dread.

Beach resorts all over the world are geared up for every sort of water adventure sports. I do feel lazy, lying there whilst everyone else is jet skiing, para sailing, windsurfing and otherwise whizzing around. The most activity I indulge in on a beach is a hearty game of volleyball. I may fling a Frisbee from time to time. I think about doing something but then it's so nice to soak up the sunshine and there's all that food and drink to consume.

My fear of heights precludes me from hang gliding or a trip in a hot air balloon. Traveling in a wicker basket under a flammable, gas filled balloon is not my idea of a relaxing time. I'm sure it's thrilling but I would be on constant lookout for electricity pylons, not to mention a sudden drop in pressure to send me plunging back to earth. Adventure sports like that are made for plucky, optimistic people with good insurance policies.

I am waiting for the day when someone invents a hologram suite, like the ones in the Star Trek shows. These are computerized virtual realities, in which you can ski down a mountainside at breakneck speed and come to no harm. That's because the mountain isn't really there. Nothing is real but it feels just like reality. In other words, it's all the thrills without the spills. I could do any adventure sports I wanted then and maybe even invent a few new ones. Until that time, I'll watch others do their hot dog tricks and bungee jump from skyscrapers. Does driving into the city and back count as adventure sports these days?

Saturday, December 1, 2007

ESPN—all sports, A must have!

If you are nearly what one would call a real sports fan, having ESPN on your cable or satellite feed is an absolute must. You will not ever find any other channel on television that offers you more sports information, programming or game coverage than ESPN. No matter what sport is preferred, ESPN is almost certain to have in-depth coverage, trivia, information and scores. And even if a viewer can’t catch the game they are interested in, the running information across the bottom of the television screen ensures that they are always kept up to date.

From the Olympics to professional fishing, ESPN covers it all. With many of its commentators drawn from the very sports teams they cover, ESPN offers a unique and highly detailed view on sports. A team’s draft choices are explained and demystified for the viewers. A fisherman’s selection of lure is shown in detail, and its benefits, detriments, and specific action in the water are explained. Replays are shown, and the knowledge and personal experience of each commentator help to show the viewers not only what just happened, but why. And they also often are able to predict what happens next!

Viewers of ESPN are located all around the world. From its start in 1979 as a single channel that often had to broadcast less than popular sporting events just to have material to air, ESPN has grown into a vast media empire of dedicated sports stations. ESPN2,
ESPNEWS, and ESPN Classic are all stations dedicated to a particular type of sports coverage. ESPN stations operate and broadcast in countries all over the world, filling the airwaves with both television and radio coverage of sports. is also one of the most popular destinations on the Internet, providing in depth coverage of all areas of sports. And ESPN Magazine is a must-have for any true sports enthusiast. The articles, photos, and information contained in each issue must be seen to be believed.