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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Floyd Mayweather to receive 20 million to fight Big Show at Wrestlemania

Professional boxing great Floyd Maysweather reportedly will receive $20,000,000.00 for appearing in the 2008 Wrestlemania. That's right, 20 Million Dollars! He will be fighting wrestling superstar - The Big Show. Mayweather's big pay out will be more than he has received from his boxing fights besides a couple of them. He will be learning some wrestling techniques starting this week and will have about a month to prepare for the Super Bowl of wrestling. Wrestling, of course is some what acting and some have said that Mayweather is making a mistake by getting involved with Vince MCMahan and the WWE. Some say he will ruin his legacy. I beg to differ, Mayweather may have got hit in the head way to many times but he's not a total idiot. If he said "no" to 20 million bucks then he would be an idiot. Of course, in real life the 500 pound Big Show would dribble Mayweathers head in the ring like a basketball but to do a live acting stunt for 20 million, c'mon, Mayweather is a smart man!