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Monday, January 28, 2008

Setting Up Your Own Hunting Camp

The first thing to do before setting up any hunting camp is to ascertain whether camping is permitted. Most camps for hunting big game will be located on public lands such as the National Forests where camping is generally open to the public.


The two basic necessities for any big-game camp are a suitable supply of water and ample firewood. In the habitat of the larger species of big game, the water problem tends to solve itself. Moose, elk, caribou, and grizzly country is normally watershed country where rivers and lakes are born.

In such country there is usually ample fresh water. Moreover, the water found in high mountainous country has not been contaminated with sewage and pollution and is safe and pure. Higher country is largely wooded country, and the problem of firewood is easily solved. Most of the wood there will be pine, fir, spruce, and aspen.


Choose a campsite close to the water supply and as close as possible to dry wood. The sandy beaches or shore lines of mountain lakes, so long as they are well above waterline, often make good campsites. So do the points of small promontories overlooking a creek or lake. The edge areas where timber meets meadow, small elevated river bars, or small humps of semi-open land near timber are suitable campsites if water is handy.

In each instance, camp should be set up on some kind of elevated ground. This insures that the earth will be comparatively dry, and that sudden storms won't drown out a camp by draining water under it. For this reason, it is never wise to camp in gully bottoms, however attractive they seem to be. Flash floods in mountain and desert country can suddenly send awesome amounts of water through such gullies.


Once having chosen the campsite, the first thing to do is unload the pack animals, if you are packing into a hunting camp. It is a cardinal sin to allow any pack animal to remain loaded for even a few minutes once it has reached its destination.

The next thing to do is to get a tent set up. In the mountains, storms come up out of nowhere and can saturate people and gear in minutes unless dry storage space is provided.

Miner's tents are pegged down at all four corners and their tops tied to the crosses of two shear poles (dry standing jackpines or large willows make good shear poles), and the poles stood erect.

A baker tent is pegged down at the rear; the flap for its open front is placed over a ridgepole set upon two sets of shear poles, stretched taut and tied. Often one end of the ridgepole can be attached to a standing tree. This eliminates any need of guy ropes to keep the shear poles from wobbling sidewise.


A garbage pit and some form of latrine are necessary for sanitation. Both should be downwind and downstream of the camp, the latrine the farthest away, in a clump of trees if possible.

The garbage pit is simply a hole dug in the ground. Tin cans, empty bottles, vegetable peelings, and food scraps are all heaved into the pit. A thin layer of dirt spread on top each day over the accumulated refuse is the best guarantee against flies around camp. When camp is broken, the entire pit is filled and covered.

Camp latrines are of different kinds, depending upon the permanence of the camp and the availability of transportation. The simplest is a long smooth pole, anchored at toilet-seat height between two trees, with its middle over a dug hole in the earth.

With experience you will be able to set up your camp quickly and efficiently.

Master Sportsman Laredo Long Sleeve Hunting Shirt

Master Sportsman Laredo Long Sleeve Hunting Shirt

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

How To Perfect Your Putt So You Are Putting Like A Pro

As a kid when someone mentions golfing the first thing that you will remember is going to your local place to putt and putting with your family. Even though when you were golfing back then it will begin to help you once you grow up and see that when you play a game of golf you need to be able to make a good putt. If you are a golfer then you know that you need to know how to putt well. Putting is probably the hardest part of golf that you will have to learn how to do. For some it's easy but others a disaster. You will need to learn how to hold the club when putting and then learn how to make the putt itself.

The first thing that you will need to learn about putting knows the distance from your club to the hole that you are trying to make. When you putt you wont need to hit the ball as hard as you can anymore you will need to hit the ball less so you can make it nice and easy into the hole in which you are putting. You will need to know how far it is from your club to the hole and you should be able to make a putt by knowing just this. You can walk from your club to the hole and measure in your head how far it is then try and make your shot. This will allow you to actually get a good feel of how far it is away then you can try and make your putt. So for every foot your ball must travel you should pull the putter back an inch.

When you are putting you should also never allow your head to move. When you move your head and eyes then your eyes will think that you need hit the ball harder but you really don't because you are already in position to make the putt. You will not want to move your head until the ball is out of your sight. After the ball is out of your sight then you can move your head but you still need to practice on your putting if you move your head. People who move their heads will think that they are doing well but the key to a good putt is staying still and intact.

So the next time someone says look at me for a picture when you are about to putt just makes your putt then take the picture. Just be sure that you don't move your head until you hit the ball with your club. So just take your time when you putt and you should start getting your putt down like a pro. If you still cannot get your putt down then you just need to go get some practice in and start going to putt a little more then usual. If you have your putt down good enough then you can start really playing golf with some of your friends.

How to Feel a Real Golf Swing: Mind-Body Techniques from Two of Golf's Greatest Teachers
How to Feel a Real Golf Swing: Mind-Body Techniques from Two of Golf's Greatest Teachers

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Gregg Hall is an author living with his 18 year old son in Jensen Beach, Florida. Find more about golfing as well as golf equipment at

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What happened to the Miami Heat

What is going on with the Miami Heat. It was just yesterday that they were the NBA Champions and now in the 07-08 season they are the second worst team in the league with an 8-32 record and have lost 14 games in a row at this moment. I'm sure some Miami Heat haters have got to at least feel a little sorry for this team, to go from so high to down low that quickly is just painful for anyone to watch.

Shaquille Oneal is just not the same Shaq from the past and his dominant career may possibly be over. The guy is just averaging under 15 points a game. OK numbers for any other center but not for the self proclaimed 'Man of Steel'. Shaq will be 36 years old this year and I just don't see him going much further.

Dwayne Wade is still doing what he does best. Wade is still a great player but has become one of your great player on lousy teams kind of guy now. Without a dominant center in the middle Wade may have to go through what Kobe went through when he lost Shaq. Kobe has spent years suffering and trying to get the Lakers into a championship caliber team, this despite being the best player in the NBA. Kobe would manage to get the Lakers into the playoffs all the time but they would just never get to far. Up until the 2007-2008 season Kobe has struggled but seems to now have now learned how to win without Shaq. Dwayne Wade will need to do the same thing. Wade being young and the great player that he is will learn too, guaranteed.

Nba Miami Heat 2005-2006 Champions-Special Edition

Nba Miami Heat 2005-2006 Champions-Special Edition

Duilio Loi Passes Away

Boxing lost one of it's classic boxers on Saturday. Hall of Famer Duilio Loi passed away at the age of 79 in Treviso, Italy. Loi boxed for fourteen years and had a great 115-3-8 record, knocking out 26 along the way. Duilio was a former Junior Welterweight Champion in the 60's and one of the greatest boxers to ever come out of Italy. Duilio is probably not known as well as he should be by todays boxing fans but he was the true Italian Stallion.

Boxing's Greatest Fighters
Boxing's Greatest Fighters

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Lebran James Ticketed For Speeding

Cleveland Cavalier superstar Lebron James got a speeding ticket for his 23rd birthday. On December 30 at 3:00 AM State Highway Patrol caught Lebron James flying at 101 MPH in a 65 MPH zone. He said that it was no big deal and that he just made a mistake and got caught. When asked if he would speed like that again in the future he said "I don't know, maybe at times".

May be no big deal until you kill someone!

Upper Deck Cleveland Cavaliers

Lebron James 2003-04 Historical Beginni

Upper Deck Cleveland Cavaliers Lebron James 2003-04 Historical Beginni

At what age should you take your children skiing?

Having watched multicoloured snakes of tiny children on the ski slopes, many parents are desperate to take their own offspring skiing. They have this idea of what fun it would be to glide elegantly en famille down the blue runs, their grateful children glowing with health and grinning from ear to ear...

It can happen like that, and when it does there's nothing better, but there's a lot of work along the way before you arrive at that stage.

Children can start to ski a little at two, if they are confident, co-ordinated and relatively fearless. Little boys seem to take to it earlier than girls, perhaps because they don't have the intelligence to imagine how much careering into a tree could sting! But you need good weather, good snow, a very gentle nursery slope and lots of time and patience, one to one. They can manage about an hour per day, probably at lunchtime, when the weather is warmer and the slopes at their emptiest.

Possibly the best preparation for skiing is tobogganing. The combination of speed, terror and lack of control is good practice. Beware, however: sledges are faster and more dangerous than skis. You need to pick your slope very carefully!

When your child is ready to start skiing, don't be fobbed off with plastic imitations of skis: he should have proper little skis and rear-entry boots. He does not need poles, however. He must have sunglasses or goggles. He probably won't be skiing fast enough to crash hard himself, but could always be fallen on by a twenty-stone beginner, or hit by a drag lift, so a helmet is essential

Two-year olds will probably start by being pulled along the flat, holding the end of one of your poles. After half an hour or so they'll be ready to be carried or dragged a few yards up a gentle slope, and allowed to slide back into the arms of Mummy, or someone else in whom they have total confidence (probably not Daddy!).

From as young as their third birthday, children can learn to go up the drag lift and ski back down in gorgeous little parallel turns, though still only for about an hour per day. A parent can help with the initial stages, such as getting used to the drag lift. You put one of your skis between the child's, put the drag between your own legs, and push the child along with your leg. But most parents are survival skiers, getting down the piste in spite of their technique, not because of it. Children learn largely through imitation, and they need someone technically perfect to copy. If you can get an instructor from your own country, it makes life a lot easier. Children find even practically bilingual foreigners very confusing!

The easiest way for them to learn is with a private instructor per child. This is very expensive. You can halve the price by sharing the lesson between two children, but with two tiny beginners an instructor spends most of his time rushing between them, preventing wipe-outs and tantrums. It costs half as much, and each child learns a quarter as much and enjoys it a tenth as much! Ski holidays are expensive, but if you want your children to learn to ski and be happy there is no alternative to spending a bit more.

Once your child can get on and off lifts alone, you can start thinking about shared lessons or even ski school, so long as classes are small and lessons relatively short. But don't rush them. Skiing is only meant to be a bit of fun. If they are as happy tobogganing or building a snowman, let them.

A three- or four-year old with, say, twenty hours' experience on the nursery slopes can probably manage to ski a green run with his or her parents. And that will be the proudest moment of your life! And if they don't get there until they're six or eight, who cares? As one Brit living in a ski resort was recently heard to say, ‘My lad skied red runs at three, blacks at four, bumps and slalom at five, and got his adult Giant Slalom badge at six. But he still can't write his own name!

Training Skiing
Training Skiing

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Fiona Easdale works for YSE, a high quality Val d'Isere ski chalet rental company -

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Monday, January 14, 2008

New England fairy tail season continues

The New England Patriots continued their fairy tail season by beating the Jacksonville Jaguars 31-20 and advancing to the AFC championship game. Their 17-0 season record matched the 1972 Miami Dolphins, the only team to go undefeated from the first game of the season to the super Bowl.

Also MVP and offensive player of the year Tom Brady set another record. He made his 26 completions in 28 attempts, an NFL record 92.9 percent for regular-season and playoff games.

New England will host either San Diego or Indianapolis at the AFC championship. Last season they lost to Indianapolis in the AFC championship 38-34.

The New England Patriots

The New England Patriots

Joakim Noah benched by teammates

Recently Chicago Bull rookie Joakim Noah was benched. Not by the league or the coach but by his teammates. That's right - his teammates! It was an unanumious vote by his teammates. It all started when Joakim got in a confrontation with assistant coach Ron Adams. The team punished him as he was inactive in the Bulls game against Philadelphia. Teammates felt that was not enough though and voted to have him benched for their next game. It has been reported that other things have led up to this such as Noah being late often and not doing what the rest of the Chicago Bulls do. Who does he think he is? Dennis Rodman? The Bulls did a good job in disciplining the kid, there is no Michael Jordan around so you just have to take it as a team.

The Chicago Bulls
The Chicago Bulls

How To Become A Star Quarterback

Most successful teams are that way because of excellent leadership. They have quarterbacks who are smart, quick, and possess the ability to co-ordinate eleven players into a smooth-working team.

The quarterback is often referred to as the "engineer of the football machine." More than anyone else on the team, he must know what makes it tick. He must have a thorough knowledge of all aspects of offensive play. He must know exactly what each member of his team is capable of doing and not doing.

He must keep in his mind the exact details of each of the team's offensive patterns. Additionally, the quarterback must be able to quickly size up the other team's defensive patterns, spotting both their weaknesses and their strengths.

The quarterback's position is the most exciting one in football. More boys want to play it than any of the other positions. Yet, fewer boys qualify as potentially successful quarterbacks than for any other position. It is a tough job! When you accept a position of leadership, you must also accept the responsibilities. By your own example you must set a high standard for all of your teammates.

You must have heard these words around the vacant lot or the corner playground: "Okay, if I don't get to play quarterback, I'm taking my football and going home!"

This boy will have to undergo a large change in his attitude before he will make much of a quarterback!

Here are some helpful instructions for you.

1. On most teams today, because of the type of offense used, the quarterback needs to have a sure pair of hands. He will handle the ball on most of the offensive plays. He must also be an exceptionally fine and accurate passer. He must have running ability. He should be able to block fairly well. Do you get the idea? A quarterback has to spend more time practicing on more of the football fundamentals than any other player on the team!

2. As the quarterback, you must be able to win the confidence of your teammates. When you call a play, every member of the team must feel that it will be successful.

3. Your choice of plays must be a careful one. You can't run your plays on a "hit-or-miss" basis. Whenever possible, select a play that will surprise the defense. It should be a play that they are not expecting at that time and in that particular situation. Of course, there are certain situations that call for certain types of plays and you have little choice in the matter. Try to direct such a play to the other team's weakest defensive area.

4. Never underestimate the defense! Always assume that the defense is capable in every area. You must approach the defense with the idea that only the very best performance by yourself and your teammates will make the play successful.

5. Many quarterbacks have a tendency to either "over work" their best play, or not use it enough when the situation favors the play.

6. Naturally, it is difficult to come up with the right play at the right time on every call. However, one or two well-chosen plays in every series of downs will usually keep your team moving ahead with the ball and keep it in your possession. Of course, your over-all plan is based on getting into the other team's end zone for a touchdown as quickly as possible.

7. Remember that you will receive play suggestions from your teammates. Give every consideration to their ideas. The passing game is important Successful offensive football today depends to a great extent on the ability of your team to advance the ball through the air. In our modern game, this is the easiest, quickest, and most advantageous way of moving the ball.

This, in turn, depends on how sharp you, as the quarterback, are on your passing. You must be able to pass accurately and also select the right pass play at the right time. You must move quickly to take advantage of lapses on pass defense.

Practise hard and you may be offered the valuable position of quarterback.

Coaching Quarterback Passing Mechanics
Coaching Quarterback Passing Mechanics

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Beginning Your Own Sailing Adventures

The great day has arrived at last you're about to sail the boat by yourself. It's all very well to say, "Don't be nervous," but as with most new things in your life it is sometimes a little hard to get used to a sailboat. It's not that you're afraid of capsizing (you wouldn't be so foolish as to get into a sailboat if you couldn't swim); it's just the strangeness of the feeling in your bones as the boat leans with the wind and the confusing sound the sails make overhead.

One consolation is to realize that if you get confused in a sailboat, it's perfectly safe to let everything go. When you let out the sheet, the wind spills out of the loosened sail. And although the sail flaps away noisily, you quickly realize that the boat has flattened out like an old bathtub and slowed down to a mere drift.

In a sailboat you can just let go. Try it a couple of times, to gain confidence and relaxation. Pull in the sheet and feel the boat tip as you tighten the sail against the push of the wind. Drop the mainsheet and feel the wind spill and the sail loosen and the boat flatten out. Any time that anything goes wrong while sailing, let go of the sheets. This provides time to meditate on the situation.

You sit in your boat forward of the tiller (so that you can swing it freely, to steer) and opposite your sail (so that you can balance the weight of it as well as look at it easily.) You will want to check your sail every few minutes, since its lower third, up next the mast, is like an instrument panel in a car or plane.

This is the area you will check to see if your sails are set right. While it's all very well to stare up at the whole mainsail, for the wonder of it, luckily for your neck the lower part is all you have to keep looking at. Here's how you check the set of your mainsail:

You let the sail out, by letting the sheet in your hand run out, until the sail begins to luff. This means that the sail in the instrument-panel section begins to flutter and bubble. Then you pull in the sail till the luffing just stops; that is the best set for your mainsail.

Remember that this sail isn't, after all, a perfect triangle. If you look at it, you'll see that it is skillfully cut and seamed so that there is a curve to the whole thing. Don't pull in your sail till it's flat; just keep a nice curve in it like a bird's wing.

So much for the general controls for your boat; now let's take a look at how to get started.

Getting Underway

If you are moored at a buoy, the bow will lie into the wind. For an example of getting underway, let's say that there are several boats close to your port side, so you decide to go off to starboard in other words, on a port tack. (A boat is sailing on a port tack when the wind is coming over its port side.) With both sails hoisted, haul in the starboard jib sheet, taking up all the slack. Push the clew of the jib to port; the wind will fill the sail and force the bow of the boat to starboard.

As soon as the boat begins to swing around, let go of the sail and take up on the starboard jib sheet. Swing the tiller to port; this will help push the nose of the boat to starboard. (Unlike the steering wheel of a car, a tiller is moved in the direction opposite to the one you wish to swing the boat.) Then trim the mainsail by taking in the mainsheet until the sail is fairly flat. As the jib pushes the boat around, the mainsail will fill, and the boat will move forward.

At this moment, cast off the mooring and you'll begin to make headway.
Congratulations! You've begun sailing.

Boating Basics For What To Do When Things Go Wrong and How To
Boating Basics For What To Do When Things Go Wrong and How To

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Lighthouses: Explaining The Guiding Light

Lighthouses are the signal stations by means of which mariners determine their exact position. Mariners had once to be satisfied with natural landmarks, from which to obtain their bearings. These often being lacking at points where most needed, towers were built, and eventually lights were placed in many of them. The modern lighthouse represents the scientific development of this same idea, the signaling equipment being the culmination of many years of striving to overcome the limitations of visibility and audibility.

Coloring Of Structures

Color is applied to lighthouses and automatic light structures for the purpose of making them readily distinguishable from the background against which they are seen, and to distinguish one structure from others in the same general vicinity. Solid colors, bands of color, and various patterns are applied solely for these purposes.

Minor light structures are sometimes painted black or red, to indicate the sides of the channel which they mark, following the same system used in the coloring of buoys. When so painted, red structures mark the right side of the channel, and black structures the left side of the channel, entering from seaward.

Light Colors And Characteristics

The colors of the lights shown from lighthouses, and their characteristics or manner in which they flash, are for the purpose of distinguishing one light from others in the general vicinity and avoiding confusion with lights used for other purposes.

The length of the flashes and the intervals between may be accurately timed, and positive identification made by consulting the Light Lists. The colors of minor lights, when red or green, may also have the further significance of indicating the side of the channel which the light marks, red being on the right, and green on the left side entering from seaward.

Fog Signal Characteristics

Fog signals, both at lighthouses and on lightships, sound distinctive blasts. This is for the purpose of distinguishing one station from another. The characteristic of every fog signal is given in the Light Lists, and many of them are also given on the charts. All signals sound on a definite schedule, and positive identification may be made, even when the sending station is not visible, by timing the length of the blasts and the intervals between. With practice, mariners may also differentiate between the signals produced by the different types of apparatus.


Lightships serve the same essential purpose as lighthouses. They take the form of ships only because they are to occupy stations at which it would be impracticable to build lighthouses. Hulls of all lightships in United States waters, excepting Ambrose Lightship, are now painted red with the name of the station in white on both sides. The superstructures are white, with the masts, lantern galleries, ventilators and stacks in buff.

All the signals, the masthead light, the fog signal, and the radiobeacon have distinctive characteristics, so that the lightship may readily be identified under all conditions. A riding-light on the forestay indicates the direction that the ship is heading, and as lightships ride to a single anchor, this also indicates the direction of the current.

Present day lightships are built of steel, with either steam or Diesel engine propulsion. Power for the operation of the signals is obtained from suitable auxiliary machinery. Each lightship has a crew of from 6 to 15 men.


The primary function of buoys is to warn the mariner of some danger, some obstruction, or change in the contours of the sea bottom, that he may avoid the dangers and continue his course in safe waters.

The utmost advantage is obtained from buoys when they are considered as marking definitely identified spots, for if a mariner be properly equipped with charts, and knows his precise location at the moment, he can readily plot a safe course on which to proceed. Such features as size, shape, coloring, numbering, and signaling equipment, are but means to these ends of warning, guiding, and orienting.

These are all essential aids for any yachtsman.

Bur Bur's Boating ABC's: Learn the Most Amazing Things
with the ABCs of Boating
Bur Bur's Boating ABC's: Learn the Most Amazing Thiings with the ABCs of Boating

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Friday, January 11, 2008

L.A. Lakers - Big Surprise This Season

Today is January 11th, 2008 and the Dallas Mavericks hold the best record in the West with a 24-11 record. The Phoenix Suns have the second best record at 25-11, no surprises so far as we expected these two teams to be were they are at this time of season. Third best record in the West belongs to the San Antonio Spurs at 23-11 but they are not alone, tied with them for the third best record is the Los Angeles Lakers.

Who would have thought! The Lakers have been one of the biggest surprises this season. It just seems like yesterday that Kobe Bryant no longer wanted to play on Los Angeles anymore and demanded to be traded, I'm sure he is glad that the Lakers never followed through with his demands. There are two reasons that the Lakers are were they are at so far this season.

#1: The Lakers bench - They have been very consistent this season and are one of the best benches in the league. Farmar, Walton, Radmanovic, Vujacic & the rest of the gang have all been getting the job done. Seems like there is always someone who steps up when needed.

#2: Andrew Bynum- The emergence of this youngster is being noticed by the rest of the NBA this year. Mitch Kupchak who has been criticized a lot for his decisions since taking over as the Lakers GM may have made a great decision here in not trading Bynum when many teams were making great offers for him. One offer was a Jason Kidd for Bynum trade, very tempting but Kupchak said no and La La Land is happy about this one. Also seemed like Bynum woke up when Kobe Bryant was publicly criticizing him.

The Lakers have a good shot at making the Western Conference Finals this season but there is one team I just can't see them getting by - The San Antonio Spurs.

Ewatch Los Angeles Lakers Team Logo Watch

Ewatch Los Angeles Lakers Team Logo Watch

The Critical Difference Between A Fighter And A Killer

Lately, here in Las Vegas, I've had the pleasure of meeting a number of Mixed Martial Arts competitors from the various "No Holds Barred" events like the UFC and Pride. For the most part these fighters were amazing physical specimens and tremendous competitors. Their skills in the arena are impressive and fun to watch. The other factor across the board is the fighters I met are very good natured guys.

At one of the events I was introduced by an MMA friend of mine to one of the top competitors and this fighter asked through his translator if I was a MMA competitor. Before I could answer, my friend (who had a couple of beers in him since he was not on this fight card) smiled and said, "Nah, this guy's a killer, he just likes to teach you how to stab people to death or beat their brains out with a tire iron. You'd like his course!"(Always great to have friends give this kinda PR "help")

Then the fighter asked if I taught how to "defend" against knives and guns. My friend once again "answered" for me saying "Oh yeah and more than one attacker, I mean, its prison riot training" (Again very "helpful"; I'm sure the translator loved me!) Then the fighter told of his cousin being assaulted and stabbed by 2 men in his home country. He said he felt bad because he truly couldn't give his cousin (who survived the attack) any "tips" on how to "fight" people with knives.

He then said: "Quite frankly for all my skills in the ring I doubt I could have done much better. I know how to kick someone's ass on the mat but on the street it's so different."He then had to leave and get ready for his match (which he easily won that night, absolutely wrecking his opponent). We exchanged info and he got the dates when I'd be in Europe this year.

This meeting got me thinking about the difference between a fighter and a killer: The fighter competes to better an opponent; the killer is solely focused on ending the other person. The fighter seeks to score points or get someone to submit; the killer seeks to shut down the other's brain. The fighter is good at kicking someone's ass; the killer knows how to irreparably injure vulnerable areas of the human body, permanently wrecking the function of that area.

The fighter relies on superior strength, speed and skill; the killer uses stealth and violence of action to get his results.The fighter's skills deteriorate after his competitive years are over; the killer's skills can last a lifetime.The fighter's skills work best in the controlled environment of the ring; the killer's skills work in any act of violence.

I could go on but you get the point. Now some of you may be pursuing competitive MMA careers and I wish you the best. After you hang up your gi or MMA trunks you may find the skills of a killer more useful.For the rest of you please ask yourself where do you see yourself applying your martial arts or combat sport training?

If it is in the chaotic world of real violence then you are hamstringing yourself with rules and skills that are only good for the young, fast, and strong. Not to mention whether or no the other guy plays by your rules; most murderers tend not to abide by any competition standards.

At least explore the world of the killer and see how despite the name, the skills are easily learned and last a lifetime. Also the byproduct of learning these skills is you get to live a far more relaxed and peaceful life. Strange but true. Remember there is a big difference between being a killer and a murderer. And if you face a murderer; then only the skills of a killer will properly prepare you for that situation.

Ultimate Fitness Through Martial Arts
Ultimate Fitness Through Martial Arts

About the Author:

Tim Larkin's Target-Focus Training system shows you how to defeat a sociopathic criminal.To learn why TFT has you focused on injuring your attacker -- not defending yourself -- visit Larkin's website at:

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

New England Patriots - The Greatest Team Of All Time?

Do you think so? They are coming off of one of the best NFL seasons ever going 16-0. They have great offense, they have great defense and they have a great quarterback. Some football experts have been talking about New England being the greatest NFL team of all time and if not the best most would say definitely in the top 5 of all time.

Better than the 1984 San Fransisco 49ers?

Better than the Joe Montana, Roger Craig, Jerry Rice, Ronnie Lott 1989 San Fransisco 49ers?

Better than the Walter Payton 1985 Chicago Bears?

Really no one can put this Patriot team in the class with those just mentioned. At least not yet that is because they have yet to win the Super Bowl. If they do though, let's look at what New England would have to go through. A very good Jacksonville team, then defending champs Indianapolis, Green Bay or Dallas, the Super Bowl. What a run that would be!

If they do win the Super Bowl they have to be a candidate for the greatest team of all time.

Wincraft New England Patriots Round Wall Clock

Wincraft New England Patriots Round Wall Clock

Be a True NHL Hockey Fan!

Men and sports... there is no way to separate the two. Are you one of those guys who can't stand missing a single hockey match? Are you tempted to spend all your income, just so you can go watch the NHL Hockey matches? Admit it, you are a fan! But don't just sit in front of the TV, watching the NHL Hockey matches or don't limit your supportive activity to going to the matches and screaming from the tribunes. What can I do more?, you might ask yourself. Well, be a true fan, a declared fan and supporter. How can you do that? Here is how!

For starters, you should know that there are wide ranges of fan clubs and associations that confirm your fan status. For example, there is the National Hockey League Fans' Association and various clubs that can be found all over the country. The main association basically tries to unite all fans from all over the country in order to promote hockey as a business and, obviously, as a sport. Furthermore, these fan clubs and associations are concerned with gaining the fan's power and speaking for the fans, in behalf of the fans.

If you are a true supporter, it is advisable to become a member of such an association, especially since, in most cases, this membership is free of charge - you will have access to the world behind the ice ring, you will have the chance to discuss and debate upon the NHL Hockey world. You might be surprised to find out that being a NHL Hockey fan pays of. How so? Well, the true fans can get free stuff in case they are part of fan clubs or fans' associations - free tickets, free news, participations to hockey events and many more. And this is quite something!

Many lovers of this sport find it difficult to choose one single team and support only that team under all circumstances. NHL Hokey basically stands for the National Hockey League, the league that gathers all hockey teams in USA. So, if you are having troubles selecting just one team, the good news is that you don't really need to support one specific team, you can be a fan of the game itself, if you are dedicated NHL Hockey fan, with a membership at a reputable association!

So now you know: instead of being passive and sitting comfortably in your armchair in front of the hockey matches on TV, you could be an active supporter and fan and get involved in this NHL Hockey fans community that can help you meet more fans like you, find out the latest news in your favorite sport and participate (even for free) at sportive championships.

For the Love of Hockey: Hockey Stars' Personal Stories
For the Love of Hockey: Hockey Stars' Personal Stories

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NHL resources: NHL hockey statistics Nashville Predators tickets NHL Anaheim Ducks stats

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Hunting In All Seasons

There are enough areas in the United States that have the animal resources capable of supporting hunting during all seasons of the year. While the hunter might not like the choices of game, they might consider hunting something totally foreign to them to be a nice change of pace. Most hunters like to hunt because they enjoy the thrill of tracking, and other hunters prefer to hunt to provide a different variety of meat for their dinner table.

Some hunters prefer to hunt in their local forests. They might have grown up hunting and know where the hunting trails are and how to track the animals that use them on a regular basis. Word of mouth between hunters in a small town will keep everybody hunting on the same page, and allow them to enjoy hunting in all seasons of the year because some hunter always has helpful information about the fair game that season.

Some hunters join together in their hunting efforts and set up hunting lodges so that they have a warm place to renew themselves during the winter months. During the winter, they might choose to hunt along mountain streams where animals have no other availabilities for access to drinking water because of the level of snow on the ground. The winter coats on the animals might make them hard to spot but from the word of mouth from friends who use the lodge they know just which area to prop up a blind and hunt for a while.

Many hunters that study the animals that they hunt throughout the year will know in advance which animals such as Axis deer have a low tolerance for cold weather and rarely venture out of the warm places that they find to set up a den. The hunters like to hunter these types of breeds because it is more a challenge to them.

There are some animals that hunters shy away from completely no matter which hunting season they have chosen to hunt in. Due to their love of the sport of hunting and ensuring the survival of a certain species of deer, many hunters make it a common practice not to hunt a doe, no matter what time of the year that it is open season for them to do so. Does are typically smaller than bucks and this helps to keep accidental shootings down to a bare minimum.

An Axis doe does not have antlers so hunters know which Axis deer to pursue by the size and size of their antlers. Other animals are not so lucky and it is still quite possible for a hunter to make a mistake while they are hunting and some shoot a doe because they are unsure of the animal that rushed in front of them on a dark trail in the middle of the night.

Hot Shot Spandex Camo Hunting Gloves

Hot Shot Spandex Camo Hunting Gloves

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Mister Runs Batted In Lou Gehrig

The production company called Lou Gehrig was a thriving business in the late 1920's and throughout the 1930's. No man had more of impact for me of driving home runs than Lou. Production is what Lou was all about. He had seven years where his business surpassed 150 RBIs in that year. A record for most times knocking in 150 or more runs in a year. And his RBIs per game is still the highest percentage in major league history at .921. From 1930 to 1934 he knocked in 813 runs. Averaging 162 RBIs per season Lou averaged more than one run batted in per game, during this time of. An outstanding pace.

Whenever I look at Lou Gehrig’s statistics I find something new about the man. Like the number of triples he hit. Or all the runs he scored. Thirteen consecutive years scoring at least 100 runs to go along with the same 13 consecutive years of driving in at least 100 runs. Eight years accumulating at least 200 hits. All these statistics and a lifetime batting average of 340 to boot. He is also 3rd in slugging per cent age and 3rd in on base and slugging per cent age (OPS) all time. These numbers represent career figures.

Lou Gehrig more than any other player I have studied has been the epitome of class, success and production. When I think of RBIs I always think of Columbia Lou. When I think of a great teammate or a champion my mind consistently recalls his name.

Being a Yankee fan as I was growing up, anything connected with the Yanks caught my eye. When I saw "Pride of The Yankees," with Gary Cooper and Teresa Wright I found another hero. Gary Cooper’s portrayal of Lou Gehrig was that of a strong, focused and quiet man. I related I was very quiet as a kid. His success made me feel good. I was so proud that I liked the Yankees because Lou Gehrig was a part of my team. You did not get any better than Lou.

Lou Gehrig has been an inspiration for me. I look at what he has accomplished in his baseball life. I am amazed. I have seen film of Lou batting without a shirt on. As his muscles rip as he swings the bat I am reminded of his awesome power and strength.

As much as Lou is admired, I wonder if he would have been more of an icon had he not played in the shadow of Babe Ruth.

Feel free to pass this article on to baseball enthusiasts that you know.

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Lou Gehrig

A biography of the Iron Horse who played in 2,130 consecutive games

Lou Gehrig

Sportsman Hunting Club - Great Information Highway For Hunters

Sportsman Hunting Clubs over the world concentrate on one thing, the sport of wild game. No matter if the sport for hunting is for small game or big trophy hunting every sportsman loves to tell the story and show the prize trophy. Fishing in the small lakes for small game fish or out on the Pacific Ocean for the largest fish they can find sportsmen hunting and fishing is just about the oldest sport there is today.

In the United States, hunting and fishing sales have become a large industry beating the sales in Google, Yahoo, Msn and Microsoft all put together. The average sportsman will spend approximately two thousand dollars on equipment for hunting and fishing a year. This gives small towns and cities additional revenue from gas, lodging, meals, and equipment.

With the internet zipping along now, sportsman hunting clubs have sites offering information about hunting around the world. Sportsmen hunting clubs offer articles on hunting topics of different game, how to hunt for them, their habitat, and their high migrate spots. Hunting club sites offer tips on hunting different game. Forums to share thoughts and experience or ask a question like on bear boar hunting forums. Hunting clubs offer outstanding recipes for a different taste when preparing the meat of wild game.

On the other hand, perhaps a person is thinking about hunting in an area they have never been before. Hunting club sites offer the best lodging or the best hunting tours like the black bear hunting in Russia. A person can go to a site that offers the tour and find out more about hunting black bear in Russia. There are hunting trips available all over the world, and big game hunting is among the most popular type of trip.

Here is a simple tip found on a bear hunting forum. If you encounter a bear, stay calm. If you are close to the bear, back away slowly while talking loudly to it. If the bear is at a distance, give the bear a wide berth. Do not approach it. Seems to be a simple and logical tip most of us have heard over and over, but there are people that have never encounter a bear and would not know what to do.

Every hunting sportsman has their own theory of how to bag the next big deer, wild bird, elk, moose, or bear boar. Telling the story is half the spirit in a sportsman. Hunting sites offering forums to tell the stories are great. A new person to hunting will be able to learn from the experience hunter. These social sites can offer all kinds of advice and make your next hunting trip more productive.

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Sportsmen find here intriguing hunting information about: bear hunting, big game hunting , hunting tours, hunting raffles, best lodging, hunting recipes, and meet local and international hunters! Sportsman Hunting Clubs or maybe a bear boar hunting forums will help with anyone wanting to start hunting bear. If you are looking for a hunting adventure or just a scenic eco tour then this is the place to be!

100 Years of Hunting: The Ultimate Tribute to Our Hunting Heritage

100 Years of Hunting: The Ultimate Tribute to Our Hunting Heritage


We often think we pretty much know enough to explain nearly everything; such has been the amazing speed of advances in scientific discovery. But when it comes to energy and matter even Einstein got many things wrong and even the greatest scientific minds ever still have not gotten what’s really happening with matter and energy explained, so why should natural carp food and it’s detection really be any different?

Because we are evolving as humans we feel we are at our peak of knowledge and understanding. But the more we discover just shows what a tremendous amount there is yet to be learnt. For example, there is the great debate about the origins of man because there has never been a ‘missing link’ found for man which has not been debunked. The fact that gravity (which gets stronger the nearer to the ground you get), time and are linked may explain something. Around full moon / new moon many species of fish get caught, often the bigger specimens. Is it because the moon’s electro gravitational influence effects the power of electrical fields and bio-electrical reactions making food easier to detect? The truth is out there or we may hold the answers within our own body and brains without even realising it.

Terry Hearn’s talents may be more than just the extraordinary angling prowess which is so obvious. Added to this, an element of ‘ESP’ may be closer to the truth than is thought at present among us modern hunters. It is a fact that most men are able to detect magnetic North – as opposed to women. The ancestral use for this ability are obvious. But it may be that this only indicates the presence of other abilities which can present in some individuals more than others and become extremely well honed and enhanced by very long intense practice.

Is it the fact that in fishing, we really do ‘tune-in’ not just to the natural rhythms of the scenic environment around us, but even in to the very bio-energetic activity and state of our ‘prey’ using abilities latent and only brought into action in those people with this ability strongest in them? Not all men are born equal that is for sure, or we could all run the 100 meters in 10 seconds and average 7 feet tall the height new generations are heading for. The differences in DNA among humans in the human genome studies are revealing more significant numbers of differences than were originally stated and many more are going to be found. So perhaps, DNA is a far greater factor in landing those little caught or uncaught giants that we dream of.

It is absolutely true that in waters that are fed considerable quantities of bait which hold very large fish which just seem never to have been caught, that these natural feeding fish have more of an abundance of natural food to exploit than would possibly be available without such additional feeding. This abundance which is converted to energy and nutrition so much more efficiently than anglers’ baits seems the key to these fish’s sometimes huge sizes and not necessarily infrequent binge feeds on anglers’ baits.

The fact that many of these fish have never been caught on anglers’ baits demonstrates the fact that these fish are not the ‘wisest fish in the lake.’ Logically it takes the fishes experiences of being hooked, landed and of having to deal with anglers’ rigs to deter such fish from eating certain baits completely. Juvenile fish have a different diet to mature fish, but obviously in some cases the dietary preferences of some fish remain with algae, water weeds, insects larvae; daphnia, bloodworm, shrimps, snails, mussels etc, but perhaps have not developed any further mechanism for detecting other smells or tastes of alternative food as offered by anglers? Boilies and pellets mostly take more energy to digest and assimilate than natural foods.

Personally I’ve got a feeling that successful baits developed to tempt those un-caught commons will have much more to do with actually using the unique characteristics of a bait to attract and concentrate natural organisms around the hook and exploiting directly those DNA and energy differences. Some angling inventions exploit electromagnetic energy fields to attract algae. Aside the nutritional aspects of algal attraction, its electromagnetic field may well be far more important than is estimated at the present time... Angler’s conventional baits will display a totally different electromagnetic energy field to natural food. Perhaps turning your hook rig into a copper wire, nickel hook battery really is a correct step in the right direction, or even adding magnetite powder or tiny quartz crystals to hook baits? (Salt in baits has obvious other implications too.)

Looking at the radar structures on the front of World War 2 airplanes reminds me so much of catfish and carp barbels. You might like to try testing your own electromagnetic field. Try rubbing your hands together vigorously for a minute and then pressing your palms together and drawing them apart slowing, bringing them together again and repeating this. You might a strange coolness or bouncing as if 2 magnets were acting against each other. Can you feel your ‘force?’

The author has many more fishing and bait ‘edges’ up his sleeve. Every single one can have a huge impact on catches. (Warning: This article is protected by copyright.)

By Tim Richardson.

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3 Reasons Why You Need a Self Defense Weapon

Are you truly prepared for a violent situation? This is a question that far too many people neglect to ask themselves on a daily basis. Yet when it comes to safety, it could be the very question that saves your life. So, if you ever thought that you never needed any protection, here are three important reasons why you need a self defense weapon.

Reason #1: You need to stack the cards in your favor

Picture this. You are walking down a quiet street minding your business. Its a quiet night, the stars are out, and you are feeling pretty good. All of sudden, out of the blue, someone walks by you and grabs your arm.

He tells you he has a gun to your side, and you need to walk with him if you want to get out of the situation alive. What do you do? You have no protection, and there is no one around to hear you scream.

So you now have two choices, you can gouge, punch, claw and run for your life, and hope you dont get shot. Or you can go with the guy and hope that if you follow his directions, you will make it out of this situation alive

The obvious choice in this situation would be to punch, claw, gouge, and whatever else you could do so that you could run for your life, since going with an attacker to anywhere is not an option. However, even that could end very badly.

But what if you had more options? What if you could stun your attacker with a taser or stun gun? What if you could spray them in the face with pepper spray? What if you could sound an alarm to get someones attention?

When you own a self defense weapon, you stack the deck in your favor. You give yourself more viable opportunities of getting out of scary situations alive and hopefully unharmed.

Reason #2: Self defense weapons are the ultimate distraction

The entire purpose of self defense is to render your attacker defenseless as quickly as possible so that you can escape to a safe place. In a self defense situation, a defenseless moment could simple as a distraction. Or it can be as complex as an attack that renders an attacker defenseless, a spray to the eyes with a pepper spray.

Either way, you need to have a moment where your attacker is rendered defenseless, if you hope to increase your chances of escape. Self Defense weapons provide you with that opportunity to render you attacker defenseless. At the very least it provides you with one of the best distractions you can get in order to escape.

Reason #3: Self defense weapons can be used almost immediately
So, you want to defend yourself. You realize that a violent situation is a real threat and you want to protect yourself. So, you decide to sign up for a self defense class or course so that you will know how to take down the bad guys on the street.

While this is a great idea, the truth is, learning martial arts as self defense takes time to master. On top of this, your average Joe in martial arts really does no have the true know how to be able to handle a man with a knife, or a man who has no inhibitions.

A self defense weapon usually channels an attackers nervous system or some part of the body, which will leave an attacker defenseless. These items usually take very little time to learn (usually less than a few minutes) and can truly save you life right away.

Again, realize that a real fight for your life is not about pride or ego. It is about staying alive to fight another day. Self Defense products and weapons will help you do that.

Tonfa, Karate Weapon of Self Defense

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Nerode Abraham is a martial arts enthusiast, and has done extensive research on the area of self defense weaponry. You can find out more and purchase self defense products including M18 Taser Guns at Nerodes Website.

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Playing Soccer With Your Friends and Family

Most families will learn how to play soccer and other sports together. The eldest children might learn what the object of soccer is through their school athletic program, and then they can pass on this information to their siblings. They might choose to tell them that the object of the game of soccer is to get the ball into the other team's goal and leave it at that.

Some siblings might know a little bit about the game of soccer and feel feisty enough to add their own comments about the scoring system that is used. When family and friends play soccer together, they are sure to share the information with each other at some point during the game and some might even know a little bit about soccer before a game is ever mentioned.

Some of the kids have learned to find out about such things before playing their siblings in a game of soccer because they want to make sure that they have a fair chance at winning a game or two. They make it a point to know what they have to do to score a point, and how many points it takes to win. They learned that a team who delivers a ball into the opposing team's goal will earn a point, and the team that gets two points ahead of the other team wins the game.

There are some things that friends and family members need to know before starting a game of soccer. Most of them will already know that they need a soccer ball which is colored black and white. Some family members in the past tried to use a football and it did not work out very well for them. The goals for playing soccer should be soccer goals but families have learned to improvise over the years.

Some family members feel that soccer can only be played on a soccer field. If it was a professional game of soccer this might be true, but a soccer game can actually be played on any type of field that has enough open space. Some people have backyards that are large enough to play soccer and families will usually allow people to come over and watch the action on the soccer field.

Most families like the idea of not having to leave home to play soccer. This makes it a lot easier for friends to meet and spend the entire afternoon playing soccer if they want to before they have to break the action to go home and eat their dinner. Some families make it a point to play soccer regularly because it gives everyone a chance to catch up with what is happening in each other's lives.

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How to Bat in Baseball

Take a boy to the ball field and guess what he will pick up for the first time... a glove or a bat? Right. Just about everybody who plays baseball, or who ever thought of playing baseball, loves to bat. Some players have the gift of being "born" hitters; that is, they are blessed with excellent eyesight, quick reflexes, strong wrists and husky shoulders. These players usually become the better batters, but that does not mean the average player with normal build and strength cannot become a moderately successful batter.

Selecting a Bat - Take a bat and swing it. If it feels "good" and is not too heavy or not too light, try it out. Do not use a bat that is too long, stay away from a bat that is too short. To help you select the right type of bat, remember that the average school player uses one that is about thirty-four inches long. Also, the weight of the bat is equal to one ounce for each inch. Thus a 34-34 bat, in length and weight, is just about average.

Stance - Many batters approach the plate and do not know how close, or how far, to stand from the plate. Some batters wonder whether they should stand in front of the batter's box, others cannot decide whether it is best to place their feet to the rear of the batter's box. None of this is important in the learning stage of batting, but what is important is that the batter makes himself comfortable at the plate.

When a batter takes his stance, he is taking one of three stances: the parallel stance, the closed stance, the open stance. Each stance has its advantages, but the batter who feels most comfortable in any of the three should use that particular stance.

Again, just which stance to assume is strictly a matter of choice and comfort. However, the more advanced player may, on occasion, switch stances according to the type of pitcher he is facing, or the situation in the game.

In the closed stance only the front foot (the left if a right-handed batter, the right if a left-handed batter) is closer to the plate.

In the parallel stance both feet are the same distance from the inside batter's box line closest to the plate.

Spread - The spread of the feet is also a matter of individual taste. Some batters prefer to keep their feet close together thus making for a longer stride when swinging at the pitch. Others will take a medium spread, thus shortening the stride; and there are some batters who will take a wide spread and therefore cut down their stride to a minimum.

The average hitter normally spreads his feet about seventeen to nineteen inches and many coaches recommend this spread distance. The power hitter, however, will use a shorter spread since he gets most of his strength from a longer stride. Joe DiMaggio had just about the widest of all spreads and his stride was one of the shortest. But the average batter should not attempt to imitate great batters in spread and stride unless he feels comfortable doing it.

It is not good for the beginning player to take too close a spread because it may cause a lunge in the stride. The stride should be smooth and quick, therefore the proper spread is most important.

Grip - Just as in choosing a bat, taking a stance and assuming a spread, comfort dictates, for the most part, just how to grip the bat. Some batters keep their hands together; others may leave a bit of space between the hands when gripping the bat. No matter what type of grip, hands together or apart, the bat is not to be gripped too tightly.

By keeping the fingers securely, but not tightly, around the bat and the fingers aligned on the bat, the batter can get a better snap of the wrists when meeting the ball. Grip a bat too tightly and the arm muscles automatically tighten up thus permitting no wrist action.

Grasp these basics of baseball batting, and you will be off to a great start.

Baseball's All-Time Best Sluggers: Adjusted Batting Performance from Strikeouts to Home Runs

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